What Exactly is a UbiName?

A Wireless Communication Profile In its simplest form, a UbiName™ gives you a website for your cellphone so that people near you can learn about you and interact with you at your discretion. Combined with our upcoming UbiApp, people can anonymously communicate with you, stores can offer you deals, you can connect at events, your phone or wearable can broadcast a message and so much more. Your UbiName is your unique placeholder in the new wireless world called the Internet of Things or IOT for short. It gives you a way to learn about this curious and completely invisible world around you. As you move about, UbiApp acquires knowledge about people and things near you, letting you passively deal with this information as you see fit. It's a bit hard to explain but once you try the UbiApp, you'll see how you can benefit from your UbiName.

Share | Collaborate | Explore | Discover

A new way to communicate and interact on the IOT Myriad devices in and out of your control sharing data. Businesses with WiFi signals. Beacons. In-flight WiFi, vehicles, alarms, watches, appliances, sensors. Stores sharing deals, menus, information with consumers. People finding people with mutual interests. Proximal, relevant and contextual content shared in real-time. UbiNames are the naming convention for the IoT. UbiNames wireless profiles connect and manage endless nearby signals.

Use Cases - Nearby People, Things, Content, Entertainment

Events | Neighbourhoods | Venues | Shops | Offers | Games | Shopping
Bars | Weddings | Domaining | Airlines | Networking | Schools | Realtors | Brands
Robin Smith, Project Manager

Wants to connect at chamber events with people interested in her Project Management skills.

Ubi App lets members supply their interests and match up similar members anonymously. If there is a mutual interest, members can connect via chat or share their contact information.
Mike Kelly, Designer

With two phones and a ton of interactive devices, his wireless profile records myriad content. Either cell phone will carry his identical profile information, like a mobile business card.

Tanya Swanson, Millenial Mom

Likes to shop. Can get instant coupons and offers from nearby stores even as she is parking her car.

Store owners add content to their store-centric UbiName attached to their Wifi signal or beacon and share with the community.
John Granger, Shopping Mall CTO

WiFi detection enables game play with total strangers on interactive TVs at local malls. Shoppers interact with the TV in a scavenger hunt at same time learning about store offers. John can engage more customers in new ways to get more foot traffic into his tenants' shops.

Tori Edwards, CMO

Needs to engage customers at events run by her company by sharing and discovering interests. Ubiquitous chatting in UbiApp lets her brands engage with future consumers.

Bill Smith, Event Networking Concierge

Needs new ways to connect event goers with each other interactively. At large events, people wish to find people of similar interests. Using the UbiApp, people can view the profiles of other nearby people to find those in related industries. The app can also automatically match people based on current interests and historical things in common, including if they attended prior events like SXSW for example.

Betty Roberts, Store owner

Wants to let passersby know what's in her daily deal. She attaches coupons to her Wifi router's signal name. Anyone using UbiApp nearby sees her coupon before they find the store.

Bianca Harij, Teacher in Elementary School

Wants her 5th grade class to play a math game. All her students have their own cell phone. Through a UbiNames connection, she starts a math game that all the kids can play at the same time. She maintains a leaderboard on her phone or monitors progress on her computer.

Noel Manners, Celebrity Marketing Guru

Can connect celebrities with fans with the Ubi App at concerts. Fans play proximal games and can chat with other fans. Real-time games include fan quizzes, fan polls, men anonymously challenging women in competitions all with leaderboard display on the big screen.

Kingsley Adams, Domainer

Just wants a wireless name that will increase in value. He'll add content and promote his UbiName to sell later in the aftermarket.

Michelle Ye , Wedding Planner

Uses Wedding Wall integration with Ubi Chat game invites to guests. The guests use the Ubi App to supply their own "poll" questions and answers for others to guess. The wedding quiz results are viewed on a monitor at the venue. Makes for a unique and fun experience. Another wedding game gets guests to network in a sort of "boarding pass" hunt.

Harry Ford, Realtor

Will be installing solar-powered beacons on all his real estate signs. Contextual information about each property is associated with beacon signals. Passersby and drivers using the UbiApp will have the information recorded on their phones and will review property information at their leisure.

Daniel McGraw, Bar Owner

Is introducing Date Night using the Ubi Chat component. Patrons describe their interests and can chat anonymously at his bar. A TV will show gender and interest demographics of registrants. Makes for a fun night of matching and dating.

Kim Collins, Event Co-ordinator

Looking after home shows and conventions, Kim is looking for new ways to engage event-goers. By placing beacons within each vendor's booth, and "advertising" the UbiApp, attendees will be informed of vendors of interest as they walk around the venue. Home Show specials can be broadcast with ease.

Anita Knox, Brand Manager

Can use a generic UbiName like FLOWERS at multiple store locations. Shoppers can receive targeted brand messages based on their location. Even though there is only one such generic profile, dynamic, location- and shopper-sensitive content can be served. Brands can also sublease generics to store owners in non-competing areas. The Ubi Context Content Management System (CCMS) tailors messages by shopper and location.

A few features of a UbiName

Nearby Content Discovery

Contextual Content

Control the content associated with your devices' signals, from WiFi to beacons to BLE. Like having a website for your smartphone. UbiNames put content onto signals. People Deals Menus Offers

Proximal Discovery

Discover people near you with similar interests at events, conventions, stadiums, malls. Real-time signals around you and view their content, including those of people and things. A fun, new way to communicate and interact in the proximal space.

Nearby Interactive Fun

Play games with anonymous people and interactive TVs near you.

Participate in ubiquitous anbd anonymous chats with people nearby. No need for a special social media app. UbiChat doesn't constrain you to one platform or another. Chat with anyone.

Coupons and Deals

Stores send content via UbiNames. Passersby receive content matching their interests. You could be walking or even parking your car when you get notified.

Our Ubi App

Discover and Interact with What's Near You
(App and images coming soon.)


People and things near you right now from their wireless signals.


With people, attendees, neighbours, stores, things at events, venues.


by playing games or chatting anonymously in real-time with those near you.

Signals Atlas

Visualize Signals Anywhere

Contribute to the local signals atlas. Discover content near you.
Anyone can contribute to the atlas and post content on signals.
Only the Ubi App can view the atlas.


UbiNames Pricing

Free or Low Annual Fee

Free UbiName

$0.00/ per year
  • Sponsored by a brand or event
  • Branded Company~Your-Name
  • Limited content
  • One device - your cell phone or tablet
  • Proximal profile for anonymous chatting and playing games
  • Short-term expiration
  • Upgradable

Premium UbiName

$9.99/ per year
  • Generally a powerful phrase
  • Unlimited content
  • A call-to-action
  • Up to 10 devices
  • May be a trademark (proof required)
  • Same annual renewal fee
  • Proximal profile for anonymous chatting and playing games

Platinum UbiName

Make An Offer
(Seriously. These scarce names are like gold.)
  • A short and powerful word
  • Superb brand potential
  • One of a kind branding
  • Makes a strong statement
  • Up to 10 or more devices
  • Tilde-capable for sponsorship
  • Proximal profile for anonymous chatting and playing games

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learn more about UbiNames
What is a Ubi?
A UbiName™(Ubi) is a personalized, unique name that identifies you in the wireless world. In simplest terms, a Ubi is like having a domain name for your mobile phone or WiFi or beacon. But it's more than that ...
How will a UbiName benefit me?
Connect all your devices to your UbiNames profile and let passersby discover content that you wish to share. Whether a store, an event or you personally, proximal connections are made. These connections let you get information from wireless signals all around you. It could be an offer from a nearby store, a connection to be made at an event, an invitation to play a game, and so on.
How does it work?
UbiNames enable applications for wireless devices (cell phones, tablets, music players, etc.) to detect the signals of other nearby wireless devices and to share content with the people and groups that you choose.
Is there an App for that?
Yes. Our Ubi App lets you discover the hidden world around you: people, things, deals, games and more.
What is a Ubiquitous Chat?
Ubiquitous Chatting, or UbiChat for short, is part of the UbiApp. It allows you to chat anonymously with anyone else in your vicinity that has a UbiApp. UbiApp not only informs you if anyone is nearby, but will only do so if your interests are the same. More so, you don't need a platform-specific chat app, because you get connected through the wireless spectrum. You can chat with multiple people at the same time, even share photos if you like.
What can I do with a WiFi signal?
Attach content to it. If you have a store, attach deals and specials to the signal. Anyone with a UbiApp or Wireless Registry API integrated in their app can display that content.
I already have a Chat App so why use UbiChat?
Your existing chat app only connects with people you know and can't target new people. At venues like events and conventions, UbiChat has the ability to seek and find new people in the context of the venue and the mutual interests of the users. It gives you a whole new way of connecting and networking.
What's so important about interests?
Interests make the connection between users and services or products offered by others. Interests are used by the UbiApp and UbiChat. Interests help filter signals. A shopper may be interested in sports and a store may offer a deal on baseball bats. This would be considered a match and allows the App to display an offer to the shopper.
How do merchants benefit?
Besides being able to offer content to passersby, the signals from passersby can be used to analyze demographics of the "crowd". For instance, if the majority of people are women about 25 years of age during lunch time, the merchant can offer something more attractive to that demographic.
Is it for the Internet of Things (IOT)?
You bet. As more adddressable devices come into your home, work, car, on your person, you'll need a way to manage them. You'll also need a way to communicate with nearby people and things. That's where a UbiName wireless profile comes in: interactive communication and control.
How does content get onto a wireless signal?
We use the patented technology of The Wireless Registry. First of all, as the owner of a wireless device (a Wifi router, beacon, phone, etc), you get to name it. Each device has a unique identifier, such as a MAC address. Using this standard name, you can associate any kind of content with it. The wireless device ID is detected by the UbiApp and the content associated with it is displayed and/or acted upon.
Content consists of what exactly?
Anything and everything that can be found on a website including text, links, images, video. Combined, these become your wireless profile as named by your UbiName
Got some examples of wireless profiles?
Wireless profiles are rendered in a number of ways. Here are some various profiles:
What if I have more than one wireless device?
Adding multiple devices to your wireless profile means that your content gets associated with all devices. An app that detects either signal will view the same content.
Can I sell UbiNames to my network?
Sure. If you have a large network of interested people, sell them UbiNames. Just become a VAR (value-added reseller). We will have a signup form soon.
What's the difference between a wireless signal and a wireless profile?
Signals emanate from wireless devices like in-store Wifi routers or beacons. These signals have a MAC address. The MAC address is matched against a wireless profile. The wireless profiles contains content. It is this content that is displayed. So a wireless signal is the carrier for the content in a wireless profile.
Can you work with .TEL and new gTLD domains?
Yes. We can take content directly from a .TEL site or work with new GTLD owners. This allows for wireless signal detection and routing of content from another domain. For instance, we auto redirect .TEL references using TEL~ tilde format, eg www.ubi.me/tel~wireless.
What about advertising on WiFi signals?
A detected WiFi signal is an ideal and no-extra-cost advertising medium. A store, a brand, a mall, a vendor, anyone in fact can place any content on a WiFi signal, including advertisements. An ad is just another form of content, be it a call-to-action text message or an image.
Who needs a Ubi?
Anyone with a wireless device who wants to chat or share: pictures, videos, articles, menus, coupons, deals, offers, recipes, scores, tweets, pins, snaps and other content with family, friends, passersby, business colleagues, groups, social networks, clubs, sports teams, alumni, etc.
Is a UBI for People or Things?
Both actually. UbiNames wireless names are valuable tools that not only identify your devices as yours, but also provides context to your wireless space and helps you to control who you choose to share your personal content with. Choose to share your content with the everyone, a few close friends, or for total privacy - shut out the world.
What characters make up a UbiName?
A UbiName is a word, phrase or character combination of between 1 and 32 characters and may include letters, numbers and most special characters. UbiNames can also include letters and characters from different languages so you can be as unique and creative (eg. Le Café) as you like. UbiNames are not case-sensitive and spaces are ignored. For example, if "Free Games" is already registered, these will not be available: F r e e G a m e s, FREE GAMES, freegames.

Is there a device limit?
Not really. If you need more than the featured limit, it's one buck per additional device per year.
Do you support signals from beacons?
Absolutely. Whether an iBeacon, a Physical Web beacon, BLE beacon or Google's new Eddystone standard, we detect all beacon signals and allow detection via your wireless profile and UbiApp. Attach content to any beacon signal to provide contextual information, such as restaurant menus, available parking spots, merchant offers, real estate information and so much more - it's endless.
Is it better to use WiFi Signals over Beacons?
WiFi signals are now ubiquitous in most stores, so attaching contextual content is easy. As well, there is no additional cost, as there is with buying beacons (even at low cost). and unless using USB beacons, they require battery changes every 6 to 12 months. WiFi is a really good choice for stores.
Do you support new standards such as Eddystone, GeoHash, Google Nearby, WiFi Aware?
Yes. A Ubi wireless profile can seamlessly encompass all wireless signals associated with these technologies.
Can UbiNames be integrated with existing apps?
Yes. Currently you can use the Wireless API from the Wireless Registry to pull proximal content. Enhance your App to allow it to communicate with nearby users and devices. Soon you will be able to do more with our upcoming UBI API.
Can places communicate with me?
Yes, through WiFi or beacons. Signals carry information. UbiApp passes relevant information to you.